Janny Juddly

The Therapist in my Pocket

Thoughts and insights of a spiritual seeker, who happens to also have a psychotherapist in her pocket.

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“The authors that move me the most are the noticers, the listeners, and feelers, for they write of the little things that make us human. They know us, and the seemingly insignificant happenings that rock our world and change us forever. I am so blessed to include Janny in my favorite authors list, for she is such a dear rememberer, and acknowledger of all of our little pieces.” Dianne Hall-Rockwell USA”

Janny Juddly

The Therapist in my Pocket

Wisdom and Inspiration from a spiritual seeker who happens to have a Psychotherapist in her Pocket!

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I’m sitting in a motorway services sipping a coffee—my mind taken up with where I’ve been and where I’m going—when I’m suddenly captivated by a

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