Janny Juddly, The Therapist in my Pocket, is a holistic psychotherapist, spiritual coach, energy healer and published author and writer.
Janny has been a psychotherapist and university lecturer fascinated to work with the mind-body-spirit connection for over 30 years, and a spiritual seeker and life coach, going through a major spiritual awakening process for the last ten of those. This has resulted in a unique blend of evolving insight, inspiration and wisdom which has become the foundation of her platform, and which has led to a combined social media following of over 100k.

The way the two worlds – those of psychotherapy and spirituality – inform and enrich and enable and challenge and feed each other has blown her mind, and she has found herself compelled to share this adventure of discovery and awakening with fellow travellers across the globe.

Janny writes and shares prolifically, and this has led to a growing worldwide following enjoying her podcasts, livestreams, blogs and webinars, and publication in various online and high street magazines and journals, including being invited to be a feature writer for
Kindred Spirit, the prestigious high street mind body spirit magazine. She has also been interviewed on Hay House Radio UK, and is shortly to be featured in The New York Times Magazine.

Janny’s first book, Dancers Amongst The Stars, has been widely read and much loved. She has recently been approached by Trigger Publishing, a major mental health publisher, specialising in mental health self-help from a mind body spirit perspective, and has been invited – based upon that publisher's awareness of her unique style, perspective, combination of psychotherapy experience and spiritual and holistic perspective, and growing worldwide platform, to write a book for them. “How Do I Heal From This" is currently in the initial writing stage, and is due to be published in the summer of 2022.

Exciting times, changing times, a time of growth and new possibilities for us all. A time of huge awakening! As someone who helps fellow travellers daily to make sense of their stories, Janny Juddly brings a new and, she is told by many, unique perspective: that of an awakening woman who happens to have a psychotherapist in her pocket. That fresh perspective offers an invitation to all of us to see, through compassionate eyes, where we have truly come from, the amazing path we are embarked upon, and to view our experience of living this life – which for each one of us is uniquely ours alone – from the perspective of who we really are: a magnificent Being of light and love and power living a purposeful human experience.

Janny sees her purpose very clearly: to help you find some space to heal, because healing is an ongoing process for us all, with her unique combination of psychotherapy insights and wisdom from a mind body spirit perspective, shared in her own individual way. And to be a source of comfort, inspiration, strength, courage and direction, a therapist people truly can feel they carry with them in their pocket.

Oh, and to share some laughter and tears along the way…and, as those who know her will testify, to enjoy the tea and cake!


“The authors that move me the most are the noticers, the listeners, and feelers, for they write of the little things that make us human. They know us, and the seemingly insignificant happenings that rock our world and change us forever. I am so blessed to include Janny in my favorite authors list, for she is such a dear rememberer, and acknowledger of all of our little pieces.”

(Dianne Hall-Rockwell, USA)