Why the Therapist in my Pocket?

It arose out of something clients would often say to me when they faced a difficult upcoming situation: they’d tell me they were going to take me along with them in their pocket, so they could feel my encouragement and what I might say. That seemed such a beautiful thought, I adopted it as my tagline. It seems to speak to people.

Whats your mission?

To share what I know and what I’ve learned as widely as possible. This stuff tends to be hidden away in books and libraries, whereas it deserves to be shared, as it’s too valuable and enlightening not to be freely out there. People regularly say, “Where on earth did you learn this stuff? or “Why isn’t this all on the TV! It’s stuff we all deserve to know because it frees and empowers us.

What inspires you?

The human journey and how we learn and grow and become wiser through walking our path. Kindness, compassionate, an appreciation of our Oneness and the intimate inter-connection of all things. I so appreciate the courage and strength and resourcefulness we humans find within us. I love seeing behind the eyes and meeting people there, seeing the deeper meaning within what we are living and facing. There is such beauty in both bravery and vulnerability, and in walking along someone for a while.

What are you currently working on?

I’ve recently been invited to write a book for a well-known and international publisher, and we’re now in the early stages of working on that book. The title is as yet to be agreed. It offers a 5-step process of healing from both past and present pain, from mind body-spirit perspective. I feel really excited to be given this opputunity on the back of my recent work and growing worldwide platform to be given the oppurtunity to share this even more widely!

Can you say more about what makes you unique?

The combination of psychotherapy insights, a spiritual perspective that comprises an appreciation of energy work and intention, together with a deep respect for our common humanity while never forgetting our divinity, makes for an interesting offering may be. A holistic understandings of wellness, healing and the source of pain, which tries to meet everyonewhere they are, and focusses on Oneness we all are.

How do you come up with material?

Usually from messages people send in, asking me to talk about something in particular, often ideas will also arise out of therapy sessions, discussions, or things I read or listen to. I spend a fair bit of time thinking, meditating, walking in nature often with my dog Daisy. Once you give yourself space, then material becomes endless.

What do your words speak to people?

I think it’s because they speak to them where they are to both their humanity and to them alsp as spiritual beings on a human journey. We share the bigger picture, while speaking of the seemingly little things which are actually really big things. Momentous. People frequently tell me they love my voice, find it warm and reassuring and soothing. This human journey is both profoundly beautiful and moving and deeply terrifying and painful at times, too. I think people like that I’ll go those places and we can talk freely about them together.

Whats your background?

I am an English & Drama graduate who taught for a number of years before becoming a trainer in companies, specialising in interpersonal communication skills and personal development. I then trained for 8 years to become a qualified psychotherapist working with individuals, couples, young people and families and running a postgraduate training at Leicester University before going into full-time private practice. I now work with individuals, and groups, all over the world.

How did out come to be doing this?

I’ve always loved working with people, watching them heal and blossom. Doing what I do is one of the most powerful and rewarding ways I know to do that. In recent years I’ve found myself on a profound spiritual journey, Following some pretty significant awakening experiences and so that awareness has found its way into my thinking and the way in which I work also trained as a reiki master some years ago, and my understanding of the centrality of the importance of understanding energy and intention has also influenced my practice. About 10 years ago, I went through a series of extremely powerful spirtual experiences following which I began to write.

How can I collaborate with you?

I’m always happy to be contacted via my Instagram Page (@jannyjuddly) with a view to collaborative work and especially by anyone happy to take part in a podast or video with me. Followers love relating to experiences and challenges that can relate to and hearing us find ways forward together. For interviews or article please use the media form available.