Janny Juddly, The Therapist in my Pocket


Janny has a large worldwide following, and works with individuals and groups all around the world.

People love her open, friendly way of being, her gentleness and care of those speaking with her, together with her perceptive engagement, warm coaching style and the clarity of her teaching.

Janny offers a wonderful combination of psychotherapy grounded in a deep understanding of trauma and how we heal, and a spiritual dimension via which we are helped to find meaning and discover ways to grow out if the experiences we have been through, and the challenges we face.

Here are some comments from recent feedback:

‘You warm my heart so much and your words are so incredibly beautiful! Thank you so much, Janny. We need you!’

‘I so much love hearing your voice. It feels like a warm wave that immediately soothes my soul. Thank you for being you!’

‘Thank you so much for your advice on how not to take what others say or do personally. I feel free for the first time in years!’

‘Just received your book today…wow! It’s like talking with you all over again! I wish I’d found you years ago. But at least I’ve found you now, and can’t wait for next week’s webinar on finding our voice! Thank you!’

‘I so love how relatable everything you share is! Your words always resonate so deeply they often bring tears!’

‘I just wanted to say I love listening and talking with you! You speak to me each and every time!’

‘Your words have been a soft tonic to my soul today. Your words are so wise and true.’



Here’s a recent interview with Ric Bratton, who invited Janny to talk with him about her book, “DANCERS AMONGST THE STARS” on his radio show This Week in America.