Dianne Hall-Rockwell (Massachusets)

Books have always been portals for me, and the authors that move me the most are the noticers, the listeners, and feelers, for they write of the little things that make us human. They know us, and the seemingly insignificant happenings that rock our world and change us forever. They comfort and identify with our hurting five year old, lonely teenager, excited, nervous new parent, and grieving adult. They are us. They bring up to the surface the magic of childhood play and imagination, and help us to rediscover that joy through their words, remind us who we are and why we came, and fan the flame that we all carry. I am so blessed to include Janny in my favorite authors list, for she is such a dear rememberer, and acknowledger of all of our little pieces. And did I mention sparkles? She invented them, a long, long time ago. You have so touched my life, kiddo- and it is great walking this path with you again. No one in the world deserves this recognition more than you… and I could not be happier if it was me. Wait… you are me! And I am full to over-flowing with love and joy for you.

Eileen Bradish (New York)

 Janny, your writings move me deeply. You have the incredible gift of being able to put into words those emotions many of us find indescribable. Each line that I read brings me closer to an understanding of which my soul has always known, but my mind had forgotten. Thank you for sharing your gift with us. Your words will be forever treasured.

Debra Mittler (California)

Janny, you are truly a Beautiful Angel whose profound wisdom and loving energy speaks right to my heart and soul. You are truly a blessing, Love, and I am so glad you are sharing your voice, the spirit of love and wisdom in the world. I am so grateful to you and for you, you are one of the reasons Facebook has become a great adventure. Wishing, or might I say, knowing your book is going to be, a huge success and I cannot wait to purchase it. Loving you my friend!

Elizabeth Ward (Surrey,UK)

Janny is an undimmable light her radiance and love is a gift to us all and her wise words are a precious and unquenchable source of comfort and joy to me and, I suspect, many others!

Kasturi Mukherjee (MAHARASHTRA)

Sometimes in life’s journey, we get to know and love people who we may never see or meet in person. Janny, through her soul and her words, has reached out and touched me, healed me, made me laugh, cry, ponder on things that were once beyond my understanding, and sometimes has simply reached out through time and space and given me a giant big hug. And then, there is the magical love and sparkles that she quite literally adds from her very heart, to everything she writes.

Shihaam Peck (Cape Town)

Dear Janny, as a woman, especially at this time of change and unfolding, you are the epitome of the Goddess energy of our New Earth. You share, you do not teach/preach. You walk alongside us holding a space that says, ‘I’m with you. I got your back. You are safe’. When I needed guidance, you empowered me, and at those times when I was ready to heal, it was right there on my news feed in a story that felt like you had just weaved a quilt in all my colors and textures. I was drawn into the story so deeply that some really moved me to painful tears. What more divine timing could there be. You have, or soon will have, revolutionized the way the world looks at therapy. Thank you for being so authentic, selfless, yet so true to yourself. You have helped me be authentically me. Blessings always!

Daffanie Sanders (Texas)

You are amazing and to be able to witness your journey is beyond words. Thank you for being the miraculous mirror that you are!

Carl Chase (California)

My dear friend Janny Juddly is one of the most insightful people I have ever had the pleasure of reading. She has the knack of putting her insights within a story, which cleverly bypasses the critical factor within us, so the truth of her messages can be realized with an open mind. I am so very excited to know she is publishing her works so that everyone can have access to this amazing collection of insights.

Al Nich (Florida)

Your life exudes brilliance, like no other, you are that light that shines softly and forever. You give life to so many near and far. I know the words that come alive in this book will be a blessing to all that read it.

Diane Korol (British Columbia)

Janny, I am delighted to offer you my words of love and support. My desire is that my words reach you wrapped in all the love and gratitude with which they are offered. Your words and your presence are a daily delight and inspiration in my life. You share loving wisdom in a way that is enchanting and delightful. Your writing sparkles and shimmers in the heart and soul as it enlightens, uplifts, inspires and delights you.

Donna Armstrong (British Columbia, Canada)

Light brought to the soul in such honouring loving kindness…awaken with Janny. Your gift awaits!

Joni Abbatecola (New Jersey)

When my two very dear friends died, I joined the groups Janny is in online. They saved my life. Janny’s constant kind and insightful presence kept me going. I needed her expertise as a therapist and a spiritual being. Being a therapist myself, I am fussy! However, her posts were so genuine, compassionate, and heartfelt; my heart was able to respond. I would not have stayed with the group initially except for her prolific writings. I cannot thank her enough.

Hariata Hama (New Zealand)

Therapist Janny Juddly shares deep wisdom and profundity – with sparkles! Always encouraging and down-to -Earth, you will find her inspirations relevant and uplifting. Very highly recommended

Darlene Gail Jubert (New York)

The Universe knew I needed someone to help me through the loss of my life partner after twenty-nine wonderful years. So it conspired that Janny and I should meet virtually since we are an ocean apart from two different countries. Janny’s words were sometimes in direct response to mine or were those she was inspired to share with all but either way her heartfelt and insightful words came just when I needed them most. For that, I am forever grateful and blessed. Thank you Janny! You are truly an inspiration!

Teresa Mitchel (Kentucky)

Sharing ideas with Janny brings Sparkles that brighten the grey of Gloom until it exists No More!

Candace O'Connor (US)

Janny Juddly, aka The Therapist in My Pocket, is an amazing woman and a dear friend, even though I know her only through the miles. I am eagerly awaiting her book! The unfolding of this journey has been extraordinary and one that I am honored, as a member of her soul family, to have shared. She has consistently helped and guided me in my own spiritual growth. It is a true joy to call her my friend!

Jessie D Anderson (Illinois)

You have an inner peace about you that eludes many and I know, for myself, that is what I would like to achieve as well.

Monalisa Lobato (Spain)

In life, there comes a moment when people are placed on our path, to open our minds, our hearts. And not until then, do we realize why. I am sitting here with tears in my eyes. Hey…if we can inspire one person a day to be better and happier… life becomes a breeze….

Carolin Post (Calgary, Canada)

Janny has been medicine for my soul. She helps cultivate our true selves. Her words melt perfectly like chocolate chips in warm cookies, bringing comfort, and clarity.

Yzzie V Atsitaub (Philippines)

My journey is like a walk on a lavender field with you Miss Janny… magical! I feel our being brought together has been by Divine intention…I am just expressing my thoughts as I read your posts, every day. They have lifted me up, held my hand, given me a gentle push, nudge. And your smile always lingers if am not in front of the computer. Honestly, I have kept your posts on my mobile phone, and if I do not have any internet connection around, I just linger over your posts I saved here. It’s like you are my fairy goddess of love and sparkles…there is always this deep sense of gratitude I feel for you and a warmth within my chest whenever you inspire me…bless you more Miss Janny! Love to you!

Jen Helvie (Michigan)

 Janny Juddly writes words that will touch your soul and make you realize you are never alone.

Barbara Morgan (Leicestershire, UK)

 It has been such a privilege to watch the unfolding of The Therapist in My Pocket. Janny has a deep understanding of the human psyche and of things Spiritual. She is able to put that knowledge into words in such a way that they reach into the heart of the reader with the result that they recognize themselves and feel known, perhaps for the very first time.